Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Computer Hell or Rule of Three’s?:

My computer, Rupert, is down; disk drive dead, and programming short falls. My mothers computer won’t down load up dates, has lost some commands and the screen is over heating. And Mountain Man’s computer has taken to shutting itself off, like the power has been cut, at odd times for no discernable reason. All within the last week.

At the moment I’m counting on the Rule of Three’s. You know bad things coming three at a time, followed with peace and prosperity. (Though I’ve never personally experienced the peace and prosperity part. I have been privy to the ‘at least it is over’ thing.)

There is also the fact that my glasses frames have broken yesterday. But I chose to believe that it is an isolated incident or that it has it’s own, two other bad things attached to it. Didn’t Mountain Man loose a pair of glasses the other day? I’ll get back to you on that front.

The rest of life here is good. I had my yearly visit to my doctor this morning and all tests have come back good. Now all I have to do is loose sixty to seventy pounds and continue to exercise like a mad woman and eat right all the time, (not likely).

I have to plan a trip to my mom’s house to see what I can do for her computer. I’m trying to keep Mountain Man’s computer going long enough to completely run the anti virus through and clean the trouble out if I can. And I’m in the process of finding a new or rebuilt computer to replace Rupert. I know when I’m defeated there.

Oh, and my son’s death day is coming up. Just to put me in a good mood.

Onward and upward, I say! I have only to accomplish World peace, end hunger, and provide for Goth dominance!

But first I have to do the supper dishes. See you tomorrow.

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