Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On Onward Movement:

I have been on this self improvement kick lately. Not a new thing for me. Spring seems to do it for a lot of people.

I’m eating better. More fresh fruits and veggies. And a few less calories over all.

I’m expanding my mental horizons. Reading, watching, and talking about more topics than just knitting and my Goth stuff.

I’m listening to a more diverse group of music then I’d gotten into these past few years.

I am ‘not’ using as much time or playing as many video games.

I am ‘not’ spending as much time sitting and wishing for thing to change.

I am making change by doing things.

I am ‘not’ stewing in my own juices. I have stopped bemoaning the past. I can’t change it anyway.

I am looking to the future. Ten years or ten minute, it matters not. I’m trying to make the most of this moment and bring that with me into next one.

Tell me what you are doing to help make your space in this life better. I may want to add a few to what I'm doing too.


Rebecca Nazar said...

This might seem stupid, but avocados and mangoes help my stomach space in this life better. I love both for lunch. When they go on sale, I smile.

It's the little things. : )


Love, I just try to say in the moment. It is hard, but I try.

whitey said...

been talking about things that have gone on in the past and to my thinking it was just a couple of years ago only to find out it has been ten where is time going!

Ma Teakettle said...

I seem to be stuck in a rut of procrastination and self pity, but i will join you in a better path :) Hugs to all the sad ones in the world and may we keep moving past our obstacles to peace.

Hugs and great job, my friend