Monday, May 31, 2010

On Mystery or Boring Life?:

Some times you just have to be an introvert. I had some things to think through. Personal things. Not that I didn’t want to share, it just wasn’t anything to share about.

Mystery and intrigue, not really. I was just saving you from some boring self evolving.

Anyway the veggie garden has been started.

Seed in, plants not yet up.

42 Tomato plants in.

Cucumber plants in raised bed.

Mountain Man is re-doing the archway into the garden. It is now bigger, better and taller. (I liked it the other way, but will get used to this when it is done.)

Knitting was resumed while thinking. I’m working on two baby blankets. One for the unknown grandchild to be and the other for a family friend‘s baby.

I have a need to do some cemetery walking in my Goth Victorian Morning Garb. I haven’t been dressed all mourning gothy in a cemetery since ‘last’ May. Way too long if you ask me.

I have been gothy, and I have been in cemeteries in the last year, just not together. A sorry state for a Goth such as myself.

The mystery I have is the fact that many of my cemetery pictures did not remain in my camera from my last trip to Boston. I do not know why, only that they were missing when I went to download them from the camera. Even thou I had looked at them on the camera itself after I came home from that walk.

Most of those missing were from the older moved cemetery and now I only have one picture, with the wall around it, from afar, and one epitaph picture from that group of headstones that I will use later in another blog posting.

So I go onward, back to blogging daily and watching the world go round.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I've never vegetable gardened before. Hubby and I are considering starting out slow, trying a raised bed (4x4). My flower gardens are doing well enough. I had to SERIOUSLY amend the soil, though, what a pain. I'm thinking growing flowers that will survive in ANYTHING is the better idea. : )

42 tomatoes--whoa!


Sorry to have missed you at skype over the weekend. I am not sure, sometimes, that I am doing everything right.

I am in the midst of, what was called back in third grade, emotionalism; ie, tears for no particular reason.

Happened to me at the dentist this morning. I hate it, yet accept it as part of who I am.

Going to get my front teeth fixed and ak\ll teeth whitened and will spend a ton of money on them. (Front tooth with a dead nerve chipped last week. I was afraid it would just flake and crack and fall out like other of my teeth have done.)

Anyway. Why cry at the dentist's office, for goodness sake? Because that is just me.

Also? A whole lot of other repressed emotions, I am sure.