Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Sort Of, Redecorating:

You can’t really call it redecorating if nothing looks any better when you are done, can you? And if it in fact looks worse, is that Undecorating?

Anyway I’ve been buying one of those prefab stackable cabinets things every once in a while and trying to make sense of, excuse me ‘organize‘, all my junk in bins.

They don’t match in color and they aren’t all that nice to look at. But they are keeping some of my stuff off the floor.

I just slapped together and stacked yet another of them. And I filled it with crafting books and video game paraphernalia.

Really you don’t want to see it, so look at this with me.

I am now, out in my cubby porch, sitting on my chair there in the picture, and drinking in the wisteria. Of course that is only until the washer is done and I have to hang the laundry, but I’m going to enjoy it every second I can.

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Mouse said...

Your garden looks lovely... I wish I were closer so that I could come have a cup of tea under that beautiful wistera!