Monday, May 3, 2010

On Blog Sharing:

Whitey of the photo blog Skunk Hollow has been sharing some of her photos with me. These are just a few of Whitey’s headstone photos, from a cemetery she visited in Utah.

It started with a few questions on some pictures she had of headstones. She was looking for information on the symbols on them. There was also the sharing of epitaphs. (I’m not looking for people to send me cemetery photos. So please ‘do not’ send your pictures to me.)

This is not the first time someone has shared their cemetery bounty with me. Others have posted their photos on their blogs and said ‘This is for you.’ But it is the first time that a photographer gave me their photos and said, ‘Here you go.’ Thank you Whitey for the gift of your trust as well as your pictures.

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whitey said...

We are two crazy old ladies ( so to speak) aren't we ? Love what you did!!