Friday, May 21, 2010

On Now that I‘m Home, Pictures:

Well, where to start with my Boston trip? I played work horse to my daughter. Being pregnant she was not to lift the heavy boxes left by the movers. So, I did the heavy lifting while Prince Charming was at work. And when both kids were at work, I played dog walker.

While I was gone my own house did not clean itself as I had hoped. Now Mountain Man is not a major mess maker, but he doesn’t do dishes or laundry until absolutely necessary. And then there was the laundry I brought home with me. You get the picture. I just wanted to clean and straighten my world when I got back.

Now that I can sit back and relax, I’m feeling the muscles that were too long unused before the last few weeks.

Boston: Every day we packed a lunch in the car and went to a different neighborhood looking for out of the way cemeteries and historical sites while taking the dog for a long walk. My daughter and I both needed exercise, and the dog was game.

One of the first things we did was look for Amelia Earhart’s house.

There are no tours of the house because a family now lives there.

This picture is from the street corner that the house sits on.

The house faces another street and I took the next three from that street angle.

One picture much closer to the stone marker.

The plaque itself.
It says: “Amelia Earhart, The famed flier lived here from 1925 until she left to make the first transatlantic flight be a woman July 17, 1928. Here she wrote the poem ‘Courage‘.”


Rebecca Nazar said...

What a handsome home. I didn't know her family home was so close. I'm looking forward to more pictures. : )

antique-boutique said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your pictures of the Amelia Earhart home. It'd be great so see first hand someday!