Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Helping the Kids:

Sorry I disappeared mysteriously. My daughter came into town to visit me for the Mothers Day weekend. And well, as these things happen, on Sunday I went off to Boston to help them with a move to a larger apartment. Because, as we now know, they need the room for the upcoming little one.

Most of the move was done by the movers. Yeah!

It is now all unboxing and organizing. And that pesky, ‘What do we do with this, now that we don’t have that built in wall cabinet anymore?’

Pictures and curtains need hanging. Seasonal things need to be stored away without forgetting what went where. And let us not forget about the miles of cords and cables, for no end of appliances and tech gadgets.

So, I am now in Boston for the week. We are back on line and all is good, but our backs. Ha, ha. And there are still many things to do, move related.

So far, the Goth in me did get a short walk in a cemetery, while walking their dog. I’ll have to get some pictures before I leave.

This cemetery is different then the one I spent time in last year. It has an area in it where an older cemetery was moved and reassembled just like it had been before. (‘The Sims’ video game part of my head said, ‘Now, they will all haunt this place forever more.’ [Insert evil laughter here!]) In the Sims video games, once you move a headstone/grave then the ‘Sim’ it belongs to starts to haunt the property. I don’t disrespect the dead in real life.

I’ll be knitting more than sight seeing this trip, but that is okay. We have been working hard moving boxes and climbing more stairs then I’m used to. Sitting and knitting is a good thing.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Remember the movie Poltergeist? Indeed, don't mess with the buried!

Careful hefting. Enjoy Boston for me too. : )

whitey said...

I was out in that part of the counrty once (1973) and went to see one cemetary I think that is when I fell in love with them. Do you ever do rubbings of them and if so how do you do it?