Friday, May 28, 2010

On Expired:

I woke up this morning thinking I was going to get A, B and C done. I might even get in D and E if it was a good day.

First thing, I started up my computer to find that while I was down and out my anti virus expired and I needed to get it fixed up and brought up to date. And after hours of that I was ready to get down to business again.

But Mountain Man’s ear phones broke, died, down for the count, expired. The earphones for his computer, and he is hard of hearing, and I don’t want to be hard of hearing or get another headache because his speakers are up so loud, and we went out to buy him a new pair.

And when I was installing the new earphones. ‘Wireless!’ So that they will not get pulled off his head when he stands, forgetting that they are there, and breaking.

Anyway, I noted that his computer needed new antivirus too as his had expired last month and he didn’t tell me. Quote, “I just hit the button to ignore it. I figured if it was important, that some red light would be blinking or something.” Can you spell ‘old school?’

So, I spent the afternoon cleaning out and installing the same antivirus I have on my computer. That way it will email me when it is time and I won’t have to rely on him to tell me, or for him to ignore it in the future.

And now I am washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen while I wait for the antivirus to wipe out anything that got into his system during the last month he was without.

Maybe now I’ll just go and check the dates on the stuff in the fridge. Anything expired in here too….? Oh my!!!

I hope that tomorrow I will be back to my A, B, C’s.

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rabbitIng said...

oh how that chimes with me! we moved into our new home at long last a week ago - but the builders still haven't moved out. i swear they're here so often and so long, they're secretly living in one of the rooms. maybe the wardrobe, because i still can't use it, due to there being no shelves. on top of that, i've no washing machine, and my husband's got a new computer, which he needs teaching how to use. A,B & C? i never get near them! :( you have my sympathy! best always, Ingrid