Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Time Travel:

I think that I have been lost in time. I did have a migraine headache and was out of commission. But when you finally are able to get out of bed and open the windows. The world is a changed place.

It was only two days on the calendar.

It feels like a week or more.

Things to catch up on; housework and just daily stuff, emails, blogging, reading, and yes, gossip.

Things to continue; knitting, crafts, relationships, plants/gardening.

Things to find; lost places in books, objects moved while you were unavailable, your mind.

I hate the feeling of coming into the middle of the play, feeling lost and not in the loop, and having it be your own life.

There were births and deaths, beginnings and finishes, and the fiddly bits in between, all missed by me.

I wasn’t trying to be dramatic, or grandstanding, or contrary, or a party pooper. I was sick with an inconvenient headache that made me want to rip my own head off.

Is that clock right, I seem to have misplaced Tuesday and Wednesday? And, Is that mud coming out of that hole in the Gulf? What has been happening while I was gone? And we need more pain killers in the house, Again. And, Where are my clean cloths? Did you see my…….???



Welcome to my world!

Skype me next week, if you like.

whitey said...

Hope you are getting better!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Very well said. Your post got to me. I've lived with this curse for years. I like to think other aspects of my life have been duly compensated so I carry on.