Friday, May 14, 2010

On Blogging While Away From Home:

I had plans to blog each day. You know, how many boxes can you move or unpack, and not want to scream and tear your hair, running to your computer and hangout with friends?

Well, it turns out that we mostly listened to music on CD to decide on keep-ability while knitting and talking. (A person has to knit to retain ones calm-a-tude.) Exploring the new neighborhood, while getting exercise and walking the dog. (That is a good excuse, isn’t it?) And going sight seeing. (Right, you go to Historic Boston and not be tempted to go and see something while you are there.) So very many things to tempt you away from boxes.

I took pictures to show you, really I did. I just can’t get them out of my camera and onto my computer so you can see them yet. (You don’t always remember to pack odd cords to connect cameras to computers when last minute packing either. Well I don’t anyway.)

There was also shopping. Grocery shopping (We did have to eat and drink while moving boxes into proper rooms.) and thrift stores. I didn’t buy much. I do have to travel back home and space is limited. (I did make a find or two, more about that later, with pictures.)

So, I didn’t have pictures, and I wanted to when I told you about my daily exploits. And given that, it was hard to blog about things with no pictures. No, I didn’t even have my cell phone with me, Mountain Man has it.

I’ll have to catch up with it all when I get home next week. Let’s see, Wednesday, I think. My daughter will be staying with me for a few days dealing with the remnants of her father’s life. Sad times for her at the moment. More boxes to deal with. But there will be a fine arts festival if she has the time and feels up to it.

I have a need to go home soon. Back to the country and slow quiet places. But I am enjoying my time here with the kids. (Scratch that, adults that are my children), preparing for a child of their own.

I gave her a small group of baby things that I still had, from when she and her brother were babies. Memories. I remember getting ready for my first baby, never what you think it will be. But somehow always better.


whitey said...

Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old. ~Mary H. Waldrip


Glad you touched base and all is well.

I'm going to my dr. this afternoon. Hope she can help.