Friday, January 9, 2009

On Writers Club Thursday Night:

The monthly meeting of the writers club was last night. (I had missed the meeting in December because of the weather.) The weather was still a factor last night because only three of us showed up. It was that or the fact of one of the local colleges was having a writing seminar this week. I had missed the announcement in the paper and the others wanted to end the meeting early so they could go and catch some of it as it was the last night in the series.

I did get to post a flyer about Kevin’s Mittens on the bulletin board at the library.

We agreed to a shortened meeting. Mountain Man wanted to catch the game on TV anyway. I know when I’m out numbered and things are not going my way. The time was cut down to twenty minutes. The other two guys shared, one a funny anti-Christmas song that he wrote, and the other some of his visual poetry. I found the pictures made up by the words and letters interesting.

I read them the story I posted on Thrill or Shiver. Neither of them are into goth or horror (or knitting and crafts) so they don’t read my blog. I got some really good suggestions on what my story is lacking. Like the ending needed more punch and I needed to draw out the suspense. And/or I needed to add more information about my characters and bring them more to life. So I’ll give the story another few days on Thrill or Shiver to collect some more comments, if it is going to, and then I’ll do a re-write.

I discovered that even I didn’t have any feelings about the characters in that particular story and that is probably why I didn’t take the time to polish the story more before sending it out in the big wide world. As to the basic story itself, that is going over well. So I feel a re-write is the answer.

On yesterdays subject of my friend Lady Pink. She had surgery the other day and is up and about with a walker. She is still staunchly refusing to dance with Death. She is not ready to go there and will kick and scream, fighting it to the end I believe. Gotta’ love that spirit.

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