Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Fixing the Past and Presenting the New:

I re-wrote and replaced the first story, ’Trouble in the Closet’ that I published on Thrill or Shiver a few weeks ago. I had wanted to have it done earlier but that migraine set me back. And now it is Tuesday the twentieth and time for the next story ‘Molly’s Train.’

I am still looking for a good proofreader. I look on my stories a bit like children in my care. In my stories I find flaws and I’m always combing their hair and telling them to stand up straight, right through to the end and even after. Like a good caretaker I want them to look their best but when I turn around and look again I see scabby knees and hair out of place and think to myself how did I let them out of the house that way. My liking for them gets in the way of seeing them for what they are until they are out there and I take a fresh look at them.

That said I am trying to be a better proofreader of my own stories and I am feeling like the effort is paying off. But a good proofreader is someone outside of ones self that can be more objective. And no matter how long I live I will always need other peoples perspective and input to finding the flaws I just can’t see for myself. I’m getting to be a better writer the more I do it but since ‘life is correcting the flaws in ones self’ I know some flaws will always be part of the whole. I am not perfect yet.

Still, I’m marching forward and sending the next story out into the world. ‘Molly’s Train’ has been polished a bit more then the last one and I‘m hoping for just a tweaking if at all.

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