Saturday, January 31, 2009

On My Dolls:

I have been getting a lot of questions about my dolls. They are a project started about thirteen years ago. I started by making one doll because I had wanted to try to make a Victorian doll for some time and had an unexpected day with nothing planned, some extra fabric hanging around and a need to do something new and different. You know, a just use up some extra craft stuff day.

After the first doll was born I wanted a place to put her to show her off a bit and finally I made her a parlor chair and side table to sit comfortably on my coffee table. Christmas came and I had to dress up her world, more doll stuff followed. Now I was dressing her and the coffee table up differently each month for her. And of course she needed a friend.

Now, what to do with small rooms full of stuff? Make rooms. The first house was just cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. After they got rumpled and shabby I went out to get some wood. Add wheels to get them around and the first house grew to a two sided thing now seven feet across and a second smaller house with it own side garden and family.

All this time I was also building stories about them in my head. I am still writing stories about their world.

The pictures here are older ones. I wasn’t going to wake Mountain Man to take pictures of the set up that has taken over half of the bedroom.

The dolls are 15 inches or 37.5 cm tall, 1 - 4 size. In other words, if you stack four dolls on top of each other they are as tall as a person. They have a number of clothing changes and lots of stuff.

You can’t see it well but Mountain Man is standing by the second house and in front of the garden. Thanks for the questions.


Mouse said...

Wow.. those dollhouses are huge! I LOVE dollhouses and miniatures.. I'll have to pull out my collection one of these days. I had a dollhouse but it was cheap and it got ruined in one of our moves.. I do still have all of the stuff for inside of it though. I know it sounds funny but 1/4 scale sounds HUGE to me -- I prefer to work in 1/12.
Please let me know what day the virtual tea party is going to be! BTW I was thinking that maybe you should make it an event! We could all get dressed up in our homes and then take photos to show us at the party!

ambermoggie said...

I love your dolls:)
I make elemental femmes and find your figures inspiring:)

Rebecca Nazar said...

So lovely.