Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Dusty Wings:

I started this blog a few times already today. Mis-starts. Nothing new going on. I am not interesting even to myself today.

I knit only mittens and I know you are tired of hearing about that. The dogs are old and sleep most all the day. They don’t do cute things to tell you about. The weather is snowy and cold. No new projects outside for Mountain Man.

My dark story blog is a flop so far. According to the site counter almost no one but me goes there. So my attempt to improve my writing skills with your help is a no go. I just may delete the thing all together.

I have no time for my dolls, their doll houses or story books anymore. This is because of the mittens project. I know that when the weather warms up and I feel I can cut back on making mittens I’ll have more time for other things. But the mittens thing is here to stay and I will be knitting mittens at least a pair a week, all year long, until I can’t knit any more.

I was thinking of starting an Etsy shop of my own but that would put even more of a strain on my time. I would be making crafts for it and not making mittens or writing stories or taking walks in the woods. And lets face it, do you really need note cards or stereograph pictures with cemetery on them?

I want to start writing more children stories again. Yes, I do write totally lovely non goth/horror stories for children. Fairy stories, along with my other fiction for adults. And no don’t go there. Not ‘Adult’ Just not children’s stuff. But I have so many stories that I’m either working on already or fixing up for public viewing that I don’t have time for that either.

Wings. I haven’t been wearing my wings lately. Maybe that is the trouble. I need to go and dust off my wings and fly away for a while. Now all I have to decide is bat black or purple and blue butterfly.

Butterfly. Today I need to visit my butterfly side of things again. So if you feel a little breeze on your cheek it is from me. Catch you on a fly by.

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Mouse said...

Yes.. I *do* need stereograph pictures of cemeteries! Why not just offer them on your sidebar for a while before opening an Etsy shop?

Also.. please don't remove your other blog until I have a chance to read the stories!! I'm dealing with life stuff here right now but I hope to get to read them soon.