Sunday, January 4, 2009

On Looking for Pattern Test Volunteers:

There has been knitting being done around here. Not that it has been a lot at the moment with all the time I’ve been putting into learning how to do new things for my blogs. I have knitted myself a Poinsettia neck warmer from Knitty and of course another pair of mittens for ‘Kevin’s Mittens.’

I’ve never really appreciated what a person goes through to get a knitting pattern out there before. And I am aware that a multi-sized pattern is not a great place to start.

I have been working hard at writing a multi-sized knitting pattern for the Kevin’s Mittens Charity blog and I am having a bit of a difficult time of it. Although I don‘t, to my knowledge, knit anything without changing something in the pattern to my liking and I have made a number of things from scratch. I’ve never written out a pattern in anything other then my own short handed way of writing it down before.

This is the first pattern that I’ve come up with to share. So, I’m trying to do it right. And then there is the fact that I’m a continental knitter so adding pictures to help get my point across for beginning and visual knitters is a difficulty. And added to that is the multi-sizing. I’m having to knit it up in all 14 sizes (Infant to men’s extra large.) in different kinds of yarn.

I’ve found that synthetic yarns have more of a size variant to wool then I realized and just changing the needle size doesn’t always fix the problem. This is most true for tighter knitted things like mittens. And I don’t want to waste other peoples time by putting a pattern out there that needs a lot of restarting and fixing up.

I’m not striving for perfection. I just don’t want to put people off by putting out a bad product.

So I’ll be needing some people to be test knitters for me. This is strictly voluntary because it is for a charity. So if you think you are interested let me know in a comment here or on Kevin‘s Mittens.

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