Monday, January 5, 2009

On Charity Work from Home, Give it a Click:

Charity work has always been important to me. I have done a lot of it in my lifetime. From fostering children to volunteering at a homeless shelter, baked goods sales to helping build a soup kitchen, clothing donations to clothing drives.

My health has not been what it once was, so I don’t get around like I used to. Since my fight with breast cancer I get sick so very easily and I have not gotten my energy back to former levels. And then there is the seizures that keep me from driving. I miss my active charity work.

I like helping others and have done so since childhood. So starting this Kevin’s Mittens Charity has been a very good thing for me. But that doesn’t stop me from being involved with other charities from my home.

I have a breast cancer link on the side of my blog and I try to make sure that I go there and help give free mammograms by clicking the pink box everyday. Even though with my so very slow dial up service it takes forever to wait until it is all loaded to give it a click so that the click counts. It really doesn’t take that much of my time.

I know you are busy but I also know that you can do this too. The Click to Give Breast Cancer site has been able to give 7,577 free mammograms in 2008 from the 3,315 clicks and 4,262 sales. So please take the time to make one of your computer clicks count for more each day. Make it a habit to go there and click the counter and more people can benefit this year.

They have other categories that you can choose from if breast cancer doesn’t interest you. Hunger, Rain forest, Animal rescue, Literacy and Child Health. So bookmark them and click everyday for charity. It’s an easy way to help with little more then moving a finger.

Just One Moment of Your Time Please.


Mouse said...

clicked-ed. :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Thank you for the comment you left. I am very sorry to hear about your son.
My Mom lost two of her kids. My sister when she was 19 and my brother when he 45. I can't say I know how you feel but I would like to say I am here if you ever need someone to listen.
Losing a husband is much different than a child. Losing a child has to be worse on many levels.
But losing John was like losing half of me.
Sending you love, Nita