Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Belated Silly the Thirteenth:

(This was suppose to be on here yesterday and I didn’t realize my mistake until later on in the day. I lost a day which does happen and I am sorry. Here it is late as it should have appeared.)

Happy semi-annual Snow Person Day everybody!

Grab your mittens and scarves my friends. Take out your paper and paste. Decorate the house with snow people and their friends. Cut out snow people paper chains for the walls.

Today we honor our frosty friends world wide. As we do twice a year in January and July on the thirteenth so that both hemispheres of the planet can come together and enjoy the day to it’s advantage. (It just wouldn’t do to have it on say a May thirteenth day when no one but the polar regions had snow.)

The day is to have all the fun and frolic that any holiday should.

Whether you are a fan of Frosty or Raymond Briggs’ Snowman today is the day to get out your books and or videos and read/watch them. Play or sing snowy music like ‘Let it Snow’ and ‘Suzy Snowflake’ all day long and build yourself a snow person friend.

No matter if your snow person is of paper, cotton balls, legos, other materials or the real thing build a snow person today and enjoy the experience. And don’t forget to show it to everyone you can.

Foods for the day should include some or all for the following.
Hot Cocoa
Mashed Potatoes
Flaked Coconut

Play with your food and make potato snow people with baby carrot noses and green pea eyes, for example.

I am sure that your family has its own snow people traditions that make your Snow Person Day a memorable occasion twice a year. Please share them so we all can improve our Snow Person Holidays too.


Mouse said...

Its so cold around here I'm starting to FEEL like a snow-person! Its 18F outside right now and I'm really wishing that we had a better heater.. or at least a heating blanket for the sofa!

Anonymous said...

Sweet idea! I wish it was warm enough for us to go out and make some snow people. Sadly when it's only -10 out the snow is no longer sticky so nothing happens. but maybe we'll make some paper snow people and tape them to the windows. That's always fun.:)

Thanks for the fun post!