Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Cabin Fever:

I love the Kevin’s Mittens Charity project and it is near and dear to my heart. I got a thank you card the other day from the Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter for the mittens and other things I have been dropping off there. And it gave me a boost in my mitten knitting.

There is little else that hits home in that certain part of the heart than giving of ones self to others. But I have been knitting in small circles on these mittens since the last week of November. I have throwing in a hat. But I am still finding myself bored with knitting.

This is not the knitting’s fault. It is mine. All work and no play, makes Jill a dull girl. The doldrums have taken hold and cabin fever has set in.

The Inauguration of the new President yesterday stirred me up a bit and showed me how mired I’ve been getting, but it left me with the feeling that I need to break out and do something new. I can’t bring myself to pick up my knitting today. I crave fun and excitement and something, anything new.

It might even be from the lack of shopping this winter. Not that I was a big shopper but I used to spend a lot more time in craft stores talking with other crafters as I carefully picked out my purchases. But the cold has forced me to hurry my way through the store because either Mountain Man was in the cold car waiting or standing next to me waiting for me to get going and move on. I miss the crafters chit chat.

I can’t wait for the Coraline movie to come out. I’ve watched my DVD movies and cartoons to death. I found myself sitting on the bed with dozens of books and project sheets scattered around me while I looked for a new pattern to tackle rejecting one after the other. Only to find it is not the knitting I’m having trouble with it is myself. My thinking. My outlook. My self.

It is time to change my attitude because I have a few more months of winter weather to get through. I will count my blessings and find my center once again. Because Cabin Fever is little else than boredom from wanting outside things to entertain instead of using your own abilities to create something new. I will still be knitting mittens but it is time to add a few new patterns to the backs of the hands.

It may be small and need a good tidy up, but I have a roof over my head. A warm wood stove to keep me warm. Mountain Man to help me when I have a need. I don’t live on the streets or my car as others have been forced to do.

Now I am happy again to just sit and knit mitten’s again.

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Mouse said...

Its very true that all of us with (relatively) warm houses and food in our bellies need to be grateful that we have both!
I will ask hubby about the pdf program today as soon as he gets up and will email you back later to let you know if I can do that for you.