Friday, January 23, 2009

On A Fairly Fairy Difference:

The tide has turned. In my head anyway. I spent most of the day yesterday in butterfly wings. (Do you know how hard it is to clean the house in wings so large that they won’t let you walk through doors any way but sideways? And don‘t get me started about the falling glitter everywhere.)

I spent the day listening to Gary Stadler’s Fairy music and dancing. (I have five of his albums.) I got out my winter fairy head ringlet and wand. I made these fairy ringlets and wands of the seasons years ago for myself along with a small pair of wings that have seen better days. (Some day I’ll get better pictures of them.)

Anyway a new attitude has been found and I’m out of the doldrums. It is amazing to me how the everyday can be seen as so different when you are wearing butterfly wings. Magic? Maybe. I suspect that it would have happened had I chosen to wear an evening gown and tiara.

As much as I love the starkness of winter the doldrums find me so I am scheduling a fairy day in each of my weeks until spring is here to stay or maybe even summer I had so much fun.

But today I clean up glitter.


Mouse said...

Do you know about FairyCon? It happens every October (around the middle) in Philly -- there is a good fairies/bad fairies ball, music, movies, a vendor area and guests like Brian & Wendy Froud, Peter Beagle,and others in the fairy world. I'm hoping to go this year with my BFF - she went 2 years ago and was very very thrilled with it.

Kristin Dombrowski said...

I like how you are bringing in the spring and summer energy of faeries into your life! What a positive way to keep magic alive and well in the household! Don't forget to put out some honey and milk for your house pixies too! :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great way to fight back against the harder times in winter. I love it too, but lately it has been challenging. I think I might go and make some wings for my kids (or my oldest anyways) and let her be my little house fairy. That might get out some of that crazy energy she stores up when she can't go outside.

Sooticas Dream said...


I'll have to dig out my wings next time I feel lousey!

I LOVE the ringlets/crowns....sooo've got the wheels in my head turning!