Monday, January 12, 2009

On A Day Off:

I’m usually the industrious type. Always busy and with something in my hands to do. But yesterday I took an unscheduled day off.

I don’t know if it was the snowstorm or that my body was fighting something off. You know, it happens some times. But I didn’t get a thing done.

Not one stitch was knitted. Not one exercise goal was accomplished, in whole or part. I sat like a lump and vegged the day away. I didn’t even read. I did half heartedly play a few video games. Watched a movie and ate my way through a half a bag of tortilla chips. But that isn’t like me either.

Some days just don’t turn out like you expect them to. And yesterday I had no desire to move a muscle. I pretty much sat in the same chair all day and did nothing.

Today there are thing to do and places to go. I seem to be out of my malaise. But for what ever the reason I had a day off yesterday and today is a new day.


Severina said...

Ahhh, I had one of those weekends. I blame it on lingering holiday carb-overload.

The computer's trying to die on me so it was either fix it so I can check emails & play games or glower at its useless hulk. I chose to glower at it.

I'm out of a particular bead and I've been too lazy to go out and buy more. I dragged out all my other beads, looked at them, and accomplished nothing.

Sewing? Yeah, I could sew up those half done projects and have some nice new clothes but instead I cursed the day I learned to sew. Pfffft!

So I curled up on the sofa with the cat, a brand-new box of Cheez-Its, and a book I've read ten times already. Go me.

BlackCrow said...

Are we leading parallel lives??
For me it was the sofa a big bag of doritos and a 50 black and white movie mysteries.