Thursday, January 1, 2009

On That Must Have Been Some Party, Right?:

I’m sorry that my blog is on the late side today. At this time of day I’m usually into or done with my yoga by now. I wanted to have a good start for the first of the new year. But I still can’t feel my thumb.

I was going to bore you with that yearly up date. You know, what I have been doing and what I plan to do. Then I was going to reintroduce myself to everyone so that the people that have joined in reading my blog in more recent days could catch up.

Instead this is what you get. Eclectic* me. (e.clec.tic - To choose or enjoy things from various sources or in various combinations.)

As I said a few days ago we have a ‘build your own pizza party’ for new years eve. Now that the kids are grown and gone we do it by ourselves some years or invite friends to join us. Much fun in the kitchen.

Most of you already know that Mountain Man and I live in the woods on top of a mountain in northeastern Pennsylvania. Well as life is not set up to fall in place just because I have plans, the weather did not cooperate. The snow came down. The wind did blow. The temperature headed to the bottom. The guests did not show.

Time to do something else with the time I put aside to make many pounds of pizza dough and chop up toppings for a group. Do not despair. We did in fact have pizza for two and had a lovely time. (I froze all the extra cheeses, of which we had five different kinds, for another day.)

I headed over to the compute while Mountain Man sat transfixed in front of the TV with a game on. (He likes sports but is a busy man and doesn’t get the opportunity to watch as often as he would like.) And needing some fun I headed to RavensBlight web site. (Love that man by the way. He has saved more then one of my days from a blue funk.)

I printed out a few of his ‘free print out paper toys to make yourself.’ And prepared to end the old year in a manor in which I have always wanted to do again, but haven’t since childhood, in a cemetery. (As you can see by the picture of me at the top of the page I like to spend time in cemeteries.)

I picked and chose the parts of different toys and set up my own little cemetery to lay to rest 2008’s cold dead body at midnight. (Okay, just after midnight. I did have bell ringing to do.) And ‘08 now sits in the crypt as we speak.

I have carpul tunnel and shouldn’t use scissors very much. But I was set for a celebration so scissoring away I did. I spent the afternoon cutting away at stiff card paper and I cut and glued to my crafty little hearts content.

This morning I woke late and I still don’t have anything but a slight tingly feeling in my thumb along with the pain in my hand and arm, but no real thumb feeling.

But someone had to put the old year to rest. And it was going to be me. (A smile still caresses my lips.) I’m saving this cemetery set for next years pizza party. I’m going to do this again minus all the cutting and pasting.

I hope you had your own kind of fun last night. Good luck in the new year.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

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Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What a neat idea to put the previous year to rest. I can't get over the creativity of that! I hope your thumb feels better soon.