Thursday, January 29, 2009

On Find the Spot:

I can’t stay long I’m in the middle of a game. The game is ‘Find the Spot, Move the Pot.’ It’s a winter game played under the strictest of conditions. Snow, rain, ice.

We have ice jams on the roof and water is coming in and running down the walls. The rain and snow that fell yesterday has now frozen at the edge of the roof with the night's cold. Causing a dam at the edge, as the dam gets big enough the water backs up under the shingles and comes into the house. Carpets are pulled up and buckets are on the window sills catching the drips. It’s just a mess.

Mountain Man is up on the roof with a hatchet cutting channels in the ice dams and water is cascading down.

Fun is being had by all as we race around trying to save things under the brackish brown water coming through the roof. Many house holds play this game when winter plays it’s tricks on us.

Gotta’ go it’s my turn to save the pictures on the walls.

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Mouse said...

I seem to remember this being the reason that my parents had to have roof heaters installed when I was a kid... I'm very glad this house doesn't have leaks, just no heat, weird plumbing, and stinky carpets.