Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Sleeping Yourself Well:

The latest study on health says that if you don’t get your full eight hours of sleep you will get a cold/flu much easier.

I just spent over an hour in bed in the dark Not Sleeping.

Most of my life I was an eight hour and twenty minutes sleeper. I also spent a lot of time sick by the way. After my son died I went down to three hours for the first two years then I upped it to five. Since the cancer I’ve managed to make it seven full hours most nights. But try as I might I haven’t been able to break into the eight hour again.

When I wake up my head is full of ideas, plans, dreams, stories, energy. I want to jump up and get started with my day. Laying in bed trying to reprogram my sleeping pattern is just making me nuts.

This morning it was a children’s story about fairies and field mice dancing in my head wanting me to get up and put it to paper. But there I lay fighting my muse so that tomorrow I might get a few more minutes of sleep. And so far all I have to show for it is a bad mood.

I just hate stifling my writing muse. I spent a lifetime (Fifty odd years to be exact.) stifling it because I had to work and take care of others first while I waited for time to sit and write. I had to get cancer to slow me down enough to get started.

Even if it isn’t a story that wants writing there is knitting of mittens or lace making or house cleaning to do.

I’ll keep on trying to take care of my health but I don’t have to like fighting with my muse.

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Mouse said...

I need a lot of sleep or I'm absolutely miserable -- not to mention that I get sick at the drop of a hat. With my husband gone for the week I haven't been sleeping at all at night... and I'm starting to feel like a ton of bricks.