Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Today I am Accomplished:

The days of this year are running out. I almost said down but they are moving far to fast for that analogy. Running down in my mind means a slowing, but these days seem to speed past.

I find myself thinking of plans. Plans for things to be strived for and for things strived for but not yet accomplished. There is of course the group of things that have seen an end. Done things. Finished things. Accomplished things.

There is a sense of satisfaction in this group of done things, but no longer or because of handing them on a daily bases there is a disconnect. A putting aside for more pressing matters.

Today I am taking time to look at the done group. Time to enjoy the accomplishment once again and to build a foundation toward accomplishments in the future.

Children revel in accomplishments. They tell everyone that they meet how they can count to ten, tie their shoes themselves, hop on one foot, or ride a bike. But somehow in the growth of self as we learn to stop telling everyone what we can do, so we are not perceived boastful, we stop enjoying the accomplishment in ourselves.

The older we get the more the jobs and projects in our lives tend to run on together in a never ending stream of forward movement. ‘One done, unnumbered others to go.’ Next. Moving onward and upward. No time to smell the small sweet buds of accomplishment roses in the garden of our lives.

Today it is not just ‘yet another load of laundry or dishes’ but an important puzzle piece in my life. Without it the picture can not be completed. I am not looking for holes to fill today. I am looking at the done works of my life. In them are the sum total of what I am. Not the high lights and celebrated moments of my life, nice as they are.

I am a group of little things swirled into a complicated group of matter and ideas. And I am accomplished.

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