Friday, December 5, 2008

On Small but Important Things:

I know I did a thankfulness thing back last month, and this was going to be on something else but I have to say that first and foremost I’m thankful and appreciative for the Bloggers and Readers that have embraced me and helped me along since the start of my blog.

I know that everyone else is busy with their lives and projects, work, family and friends, yet you take time to read what I have to say, comment, and join in my silly little contests and projects.

Not that I feel that the ‘Kevin’s Mittens’ is silly or should be little but it is still in the starting stages. Total strangers for all I know have knitted mittens and donated them to others in need because I asked them to, all in my son’s name.

I’ve only talked about how he worked helping homeless teens to get back in school and either back home with their families or in other supportive services so they could get back on track, a few times here.

This was not his job, he didn’t have a degree in counseling. He was just a guy working in a store in the city, trying to get the funds for college and he saw a need so he filled it. All the time never saying a word to anyone about what he was doing. We only found out about it after he died when all kinds of people from all over the place came out of the woodwork to tell us how much he had helped their family to heal or how he helped individuals to finish high school and get a job even to the point of loaning them his own clothing so they could do it.

I know that mittens are a little thing compared to that, but I also know that little things make up the whole picture.

I have been knitting mittens for those in need since the kids were small. For every pair I made for my own kids I’d make two pair to give away to children that didn’t have any. Most folks in the neighbor knew that there was always extra hats and mittens at my house for the taking. The box was always by the door and only what was needed disappeared and reappeared on the heads and hands of those that needed them. I knitted them for people that came to the homeless shelter I volunteered for when we lived in the city too.

So now I’m knitting Mittens in Kevin’s name. I asked anyone who wanted to, to join me where they lived, but I must say I didn’t expect much. So many requests are made each day on the web. But when the anonymous notes came in saying that they had each made mittens and had donated them in Kevin’s name I cried. I only wish they had used the comments so I could have posted them here, but they didn’t want it that way. They wanted to do it invisibly just like Kevin did. But I just have to say…

Thank you ever so much, whoever you are.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

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