Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Stopping and Starting:

I’m back in real time. The ice is still on everything outside but the electricity is staying on for the most part. We spent days not knowing when it would be on or off, or for how long. I do feel bad for all the people that are still without electricity or heat.

I think I almost would have preferred it off the whole time so I wouldn’t have to keep fixing the time on the clocks and other electronics. Or being startled by music, appliances or lights coming back on a number of times a day or night. The only reason it didn’t stay out is the fact we had a few storms in the last years that removed most of the problem trees already.

I have wood stove heat that doesn’t need the power companies help. So I didn’t have to worry about that anyway. My trouble is the water pump needs the power. But we keep a little extra bottled water on hand incase of an outage.

I am suspending the Epitaph Contest for now. The only reason I started it when I did was to give people a chance to get a few extra things as gifts for the holidays if they needed them. But as everyone is so busy. Too busy really to think up or send in any epitaphs. I’ll start it up again in the new year if anyone is interested. Anyone who sent in a contest entry this past week, it will be held until I restart the contest again. In the mean time keep sending in those epitaphs for the Epitaph of the Week spot if you have them.

I still feel like I’ll never catch up after being sick last week. Thou it could be because every time I tried to vacuum around here the lights went out and I couldn’t finish the job until last night.

Today I’m going to sit and knit ‘Kevin’s Mittens’ while waiting for the ice to melt.

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