Saturday, December 20, 2008

On A Pug Dog’s Tail Tale:

Lady Short is our Pug dog. And as you probably know Pugs are known for their pushed in faces and their curly-Q tails. Our little lady was no exception until last week.

She had a bad spell last week and now her tail just hangs limply down toward the ground.

That tail of hers was a barometer of her many moods all these years. It’s sad to see it so lifeless now.

Most all her life there was a dent in her back fur where the tail nestled high on her rump. It wiggled and wobbled tight little throb’s of movement in excitement and anticipation. It wagged and waved like a flag when she found us again returning home from the store or other trip. It shivered in bravado when she smelled a deer or bear in the yard.

Like dealing with someone who has had a stroke we find it harder to understand her needs without that communication tool. And we know that the end for her looms closer.

She sleeps close at hand on a pillow at my feet as I work my way through the days work. This is our furry little girl. She has lived here with us for a long time.

I watched her attach herself to Mountain Man the day we picked her up from the breeder. (A little old Amish woman in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvanian. When we picked her out she could curl up in one of his hands.)

Weeks later when she was grown enough to leave her mother and come home with us, we stopped on the way home to see my sister and her kids. When they saw the puppy they ran screeching towards Mountain Man with the puppy in his arms. And at that moment she all but melted into his chest. It was over at that second she was his heart and soul despite the fact that this was supposed to be my dog. She was the replacement Pug when my Pug died young from a genetic condition.

And now I watch Mountain Man and Lady Short as they are being pulled apart. It’s so sad to look at her tail and know this truth.

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