Monday, December 8, 2008

On Sorry for the Confusion:

This is what happened with the Epitaph Contest. It’s all in the timing. And I wasn’t announcing the winner until after they had gotten back to me. (I know that people are busy, but you only have a week to respond. I have a life too.)

First week was Nov. 9 - 15 and on the 16th Sooticas Dreams won, she didn’t get back to me until after week three had started and I announced before then that a random prize had been picked for charity in her name.

Second week was Nov. 16 - 22 and on the 23rd Knotty Mouse won, she was prompt in replying and I announced her win on the 25th I believe.

Third week was Nov. 23 - 29 and on the 30th Black Crow won, she got back to me almost a week later and on Dec 6th I announced it then that she had won.

By this time it was well into Week Four Nov. 30 - Dec. 6 and no one had sent in an entry during that week so on Dec 7th I announced that there was no winner for that week.

From now on I will not wait for the winner to get back to me before announcing the winner of the previous week. I will announce the picked name on Sunday morning along with sending out an email to that winner. And when they get back to me (within the next week) with their choice of prize I’ll announce that on the following weeks Epitaph Sunday.

So, in short, Sunday’s Epitaph Blogs will now go like this:

This weeks prizes offered with picture.
Last weeks Winner announced.
Previous weeks chosen prize announced.

As to the Epitaph of the Week itself? I pick that before the week is up and the winner of the contest is picked, so they don’t often match. Then there is the fact that not everyone entering has been reading the blog since I started the Epitaph of the Week and some have sent me epitaphs that have already had a week on the blog. This does not stop them from being entered into the contest with that epitaph, it just isn’t going to be posted for the weekly epitaph spot again.

For example: Spike Milligan’s ‘I told you I was ill.’ was used the week of Aug 10, 08 by long time reader of my blog and I dare say friend Little Black Crow, and Spike’s epitaph has been retired for the weekly spot but it was the entry that Sooticas won with. (Please don't send that one in again anybody? I see it a lot.)

Lastly not everyone who sends in an epitaph for the weekly posting wants to join the contest. They just send in their epitaph and say they don’t want to join the contest and I don’t add their name to the hat, it only goes in the group for consideration on the blog spot if it has not been already used before.

I hope I explained myself well. I’m still sick. Let me know if I should try to explain it again a different way if I didn't make any sense.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

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Mouse said...

Well explained.. thanks! I've got to get some photos of my prize on my blog.. life keeps getting in the way.