Saturday, December 6, 2008

On Mice and Dogs:

First I'd like to say Black Crow won the Epitaph of the Week Contest and requested the Tatted Black Necklace. It will be going out to her very soon. Now back to the blog.

We have two small dogs. They are old ladies and not so fast anymore. But that doesn’t stop them from giving it a good try. Being country dogs they know how to hunt and are good mousers. Yes, they are mouser dogs. Sorry any mouse lovers out there.

Lady Short the Pug is the older and can barely get around. But Lady Long the daschund though she is missing some teeth has not diminished in growl power.

Once the weather turns colder every year, one or two mice manage to get into the house looking for a good place to spend the winter. Mountain Man sets traps though it is rare that they are used.

The dogs sniffed and hunted following the scent of the prey. There were barks and whimpers from them in frustration as they realized that the mouse had made it to the indoor wood pile in the family room from the kitchen door where it snuck in while the door was open for another lode of wood or groceries from the car.

Lady Short gave up soon after the miscreant was discovered. She tires easily and slept under the wood stove while Lady Long sat in wrapped attention staring in wait for the slightest movement. Mountain Man told her to give up because he wasn’t moving the pile for her.

Lady Long sat and sat for hours quivering in anticipation. We finally stopped looking at her in her insane hunt. We would check on her every once in a while wondering when she would finally give it up.

Over four hours later she triumphed. Here she sits over her kill just before Mountain Man took the germy thing away from her. He cleaned up the mouse trap and put it away for another day.

We fear no mouse here, we have a mighty mouser dog.

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