Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Kevin’s Mittens So Far:

We are expecting a winter storm so I am writing this ahead of time and putting it on the timer incase the expected ice does leave me with no electricity for a time.

I have a dial up web connection and only one phone line so I only get on the web a few times a day as is. I try to answer my emails promptly and keep up with what is going on but still I have limits as to the time I can spend with all of you. And Mountain Man has to have his internet time also. So anyway if the mitten total doesn’t move for a few days but my blogs keep on coming that is why. This winter ice storm we are expecting.

I am back to knitting mittens as of yesterday but because I‘m really writing this then I can‘t tell you how far I’ve come by the time you see this. I am feeling much better but I did have to un-knit the honor sweater I was working on because I messed it up so very badly while I was sick. (Why does the mind always go that way when your sick.) And it will sit in the knitting basket until the new year because I’ve started a pair of socks to keep me going as an honor project instead.

I feel like I have mittens to catch up on but I can tell my hands apart now so all is well. Still I was committed to one mitten a day so that would be eight pair as of yesterday and I have gotten ten pair done. I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to knit while I was sick and gotten more done by now.

I have not had any more additions to the Kevin’s Mittens for the needy from others as of writing this. I wish it were otherwise but I know you are all busy or you would have added it to your ‘to do’ box by now. Maybe next month the totals will go up.

The first ten pair I’ve knitted have gone out to charity along with the two that others have given in Kevin’s name. A small start all together but a good one just the same. In the pictures some of them still needed to have their tails tucked. (I don’t have a picture of the mittens donated by the others. They didn’t send me one and I didn‘t ask.) I hope that all of them are already on hands keeping them warm.

By the way Jean at The Scottish Lamb is knitting hats for the homeless also. So if you have an extra hat on your needles you don’t know who to give to she is collecting them for the homeless in New York City and I know she would appreciate it too.

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Mouse said...

I would definitely knit a pair of mittens but I think like a lot of other knitters, I'm swamped with holiday knitting and on a serious deadline. Maybe next month? Will definitely try.