Friday, December 19, 2008

On Storm Blown Memories:

Winter 2007

This morning we are getting ready for a snow storm. It seems a bit silly to talk about it here as so many have already talked about the same storm while it made it’s way across the country. But it is now coming upon us today so it is new to us.

We spent the day yesterday preparing. Mountain Man put the chains on the tires of the tractor and the plow on it too. He gassed up the tractor and car, put the snow tires on. I put up bottles of water and charged all the chargeable phones and things. The wood pile in the house was refilled. We are ready.

I spent the early morning hours dumping pictures from the camera to the computer so I have room for the new pictures of this new storm. Yes hours. I dumped over 500 and you guessed it. I spent time looking back at 2007 as I did it.

I watched last years storms pass by on the computer screen and wondered if this one would top them? I saw flowers in the Spring come to life, Summer fun, Autumn leaves, all march by and wondered were the time went? Here now, then gone in a blink.

There were pictures of the moon at full, video game screens and the dogs. Visits from company, sunsets, and the damage to the car when the deer ran into the side of it.

Most of the pictures were taken for the blog. Multiple copies of shots so I had a good selection to choose from. Pictures of ‘a year in a life’ dance before my eyes. Knitting, crafting, silly times and work.

I’m glad the coming storm made me take the time to go through the pictures. I have a lot to think about and remember while the wind blows outside and I sit with my knitting and tea by the wood stove and wait for it to be over.

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Mouse said...

Those icicles are AMAZING! Its been so long since I've seen huge icicles like that.. they were always my favorite part of a winter storm!