Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Being Sick:

I’m still sick but trying not to miss a day posting on my blog. I now have a sinus infection on top of that wonky tummy and head thing that was going around.

I have a folded tissue tucked in my glasses in the side of my face that hurts. First to block the light into my eye because it hurts, second to the keep me from seeing out of it that eye because everything looks blurry and lastly because that side of my face is swollen and looks bad. I would find my pirate patch if I had the energy. Arrruggg.

I have no energy and haven’t knitted any mittens for days. I’m very glad I was ahead of myself there. I sleep or watch, not so good day time TV, hoping to feel better tomorrow. With a ‘this too shall pass’ attitude.

When my head doesn’t hurt too much I turn on the computer and read other peoples blogs, both the ones I look at regularly and new ones I usually find by reading other bloggers links. I love this ‘following’ function on blogger and wish all the people I look in on had a feed. I’ve gotten a few new ideas for things to do with my blogging but they will have to wait until I’m feeling better.

We are having bad weather for the next few days so staying in bed doesn’t sound so bad. See you tomorrow unless you want to come over and do my dishes and clean my house for me. I just looked around and discovered I’m a slob when I’m sick. I gotta’ go water the plants they are wilting from lack of care since I got sick.

And just to let you know, Mountain Man is doing much better then I am. But you knew that already didn’t you. You can’t keep him down for long. Maybe I’ll get him to water the plants and I’ll just go back to bed.


Mouse said...

I'd love to come "over" and do your dishes for you.. as long as you chat with me while I do it. I don't actually like doing dishes but I always find myself washing them at other peoples houses.. at holidays its "my job".
I'm sorry you are still sick.. I'm sending you a virtual cup of steaming earl gray tea & a hug.

BlackCrow said...

oh yum, can I join you and Mouse for that virtual cup of Earl Grey, its one of my favourites! I'll bake us some virtual blackberry scones served with homemade plum jam and double cream!! I feel so virtually full now!!
Wishing you back in the pink real soon!!