Monday, December 15, 2008

On Feeling Out of Sync:

Where did the first half of the month go? I was working away and doing my thing but the time got away from me.

I am glad that we are not doing the holiday thing here at the house. We will do the visiting this year and with the pressure off I’m not feeling it. Maybe that’s it. But it’s not the same in the stores for me either. It’s like I’m only going through the motions.

There is holiday music and trimmings all around but it feels like it is at the wrong time of year or something. Is it just me? Am I missing something? I’m feeling very Charlie Brownish and I’m just not into the holiday season.

I’m not sad or blue. I’m happy and having fun in fact. Everything else in my life is ticking along in a merry way. I’m just not into the holiday season. It’s more like it is missing in my head I guess. I get surprised each time I get the mail and holiday cards are there.

I see it all around me but like with the stores putting the holiday stuff out earlier and earlier each year I’m just ignoring it until the time comes and I’m forget to look out for it any longer. Even the weather isn’t cooperating.

Mountain Man and I are of different faiths and we follow different holiday calendars. The house gets trimmed in seasonal rather then holiday decorations each year and we each have our groups of people and places to celebrate. This is okay and normal around here.

The magic is just gone for me and I don’t care if I ever find it again at the moment. Next week may find me it’s biggest fan again but today I can’t summon the feelings.

I’m not being a scrooge. I’m giving and loving. I’m happy and having fun with what I have and just don’t need a holiday right now. What is wrong with that?

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ladylinoleum said...

It's not just you. I've been feeling the same way as is my group of friends. I wonder what the dealio is this year? Hmmm.