Friday, December 12, 2008

On Getting Better:

I woke up to a world covered in a thin layer of glass made from ice yesterday. From the window the pictures didn’t look at all like it was anything more then a rainy day, so I didn’t even go through the trouble of resizing it to post it.

I’m doing much better today. I’m almost completely alive. Yesterday it was a good thing I was up and about because there wasn’t one spoon or bowl left clean for breakfast by then.

After days of sitting around my body didn’t want to exercise either. But once I got going it went better. I’m still a little achy from being sick but the exercise is working out the kinks.

I lost more then a few stories that floated through my head that did not sticking long enough to be written down for those days. So I’ll just tell myself they were fevered ramblings and nothing worth holding on to and move on.

My Writers Club Meeting was last night and I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. More bad weather came in the afternoon/evening and Mountain Man was still too sick. I’m wasn’t counting on it. (The trials of living on a mountain top. You don‘t leave if you aren‘t sure you can make it back up the hill to get home.)

We are out of eggs and yogurt so a run to the store will have happen some time today. I’m glad Mountain Man is doing better now too. Shaky but better.

How can things so small and insignificant as a germ or virus we can’t even see be so toxic to our bodies and lay us so low? I find it interesting, that’s all I‘m saying.

Tomorrow is ‘Silly the Thirteenth Day’ again.

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