Thursday, December 25, 2008

On Small Fun Today:

First, Happy Christmas to everyone celebrating it today. I hope everyone is happy, healthy and safe today and everyday.

On to smaller things:

Now, Once upon a time, I was pleased with myself for making a little set of knitting needles for my doll house and knitting part of a scarf for them. I placed it on the rocking chair by their fire place, in the Doll’s house, years ago. Yes, I made the Doll and most of the stuff for them including the house. No, not the chair or cats.

The knitting needles are made out of tooth picks. The Dolls are 15 inches or 37 centimeters. That would be 1 /4 scale.

I show you this because I am steering you to a true artist in tiny knitting. With the movie Coraline coming out I have been all over cyber space looking at things involved in the making of the movie and I found Bugknits. The woman who made the knitted clothing for the puppets has a lot of other little knitted thing there.

Althea Crome is a true artist at her craft. And for those that are looking for something Christmassy there is a sweater there for you too.

Have a fun little time at bugknit and I’ll be back tomorrow.


BlackCrow said...

I hadn't heard of this movie coming out thank you for the post. I'm a big fan of stop motion and Henry Selick is just amazing.
The web site looks very cool, love the circus theme and colours. I checked out Bug knits and it just blows me away those miniature knits!

r said...

So pretty! I admire the tree.