Thursday, December 4, 2008

On A Foggy Head:

I woke up foggy today. I hope I’m not getting sick.

I know you know what I mean. Your brain stumbles and fights to get it and your body fumbles along after it. You find yourself in the wrong room looking for something you know is kept in say the kitchen like the refrigerator. You have to try to remember where the light switch is. You spend your time trying to catch up with yourself. Things like that.

I wear glasses. Not like Mountain Man who just uses them to read. My glasses go on my face almost before I open my eyes and stay there throughout the day. I dress with them on, even for my pull over clothing. In fact I only take them off to bathe, sleep and enjoy some privet time with my husband.

This morning I got up and some how forgot to put my glasses on. I pumped into the wall trying to find the door in the darkened bedroom. (Mountain Man is still asleep at this point.) I stumble to the bathroom and forget to turn off the water after I wash up. I pick up my knitting and can’t remember where I am in the pattern even though there is a sticky note on the pattern under the place I stopped last night sitting in front of me. It’s all foggy anyway so I put it down again.

I turn to my computer and turn it on. The screen comes up where I put in my password and my foggy brain stumbles again. No, I didn’t forget my password. (I just love naming new passwords like I love naming my characters in my stories.) I typed in p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d instead of my real password. Something I have never done before or even have to think about. My fingers usually just pump it out like magic, even within hours after I’ve changed it yet again.

Meanwhile I am still half blind without my glasses and wondering why everything is so foggy in the house. I know it’s not the woodstove smoking. I checked on it and added more wood already. I look again just to be sure, and I don’t smell any smoke. I look outside to see if it is foggy out there too and somehow the fog came inside. No the same outside as in.

Finally my brain is starting to catch up. I think maybe the lens’ of my glasses have something on them so I reach up to take them off and look at them and poke myself in the eye because they are not there.

I get my glasses and the day starts to look up until I start to sneeze.

Five minutes and a half a box of tissues later I have to admit I’m sick. I’m heading back to my foggy bed and I’ll see you tomorrow. Hopefully the fog will have lifted by then.


Mouse said...

Oh my goodness.. that's quite a day. I also had "a day" yesterday.. I overflowed the coffee maker after pouring an entire cup of coffee down my front in an attempt to pull the cap off of a marker without putting said coffee down first. *sigh*
My husband said that we were safer eating pb&j samwiches for dinner so that I didn't end up in the ER last night. lol.

BlackCrow said...

phew i'm feeling a little foggy just reading about your day, but maybe it's the G&T!
It's nice to know that i'm in good company when it comes to days like these...have you ever thought that you could just hit the delete key in the kitchen when you stuff up a recipe?
I've poked myself in the eye too a couple of times when I thought i had my glasses on!
Sorry to hear your not well, colds and flues are doing the rounds down under too...must be the change of seasons??
Hope your feeling a lot less foggy soon!!
cheers big ears!!
An email is coming your way soon!!