Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Labor Day Harvest:

The end of August, September is upon us and it is Labor Day Weekend. Most people are staying at home for this vacation weekend. It is the last hurrah of the summer. School if not started already will start soon. The weather is still warm. Towns and communities have things going on for the people to have a local gathering to go to if they like. Everyone is getting in one last gulp of summer fun. Almost everyone.

My daughter the Princess Daughter and her boyfriend Prince Charming are in the process of moving him to a new place. And since she is in the health care field ‘Work’ looms ever large for her.

At home we are canning and freezing vegetables with a vengeance. Corn, cauliflower, and tomatoes for the most part are all vying for attention and there are others wanting time too. Thank goodness the root crops like beets and potatoes can wait.

I shudder to think of the amount of tomato juice that would be on our shelves if I could eat the stuff too. I am allergic to tomatoes I’m sad to say. Mountain man drinks it daily so many quarts of tomatoes go through the canner each year.

The cauliflower you see in the picture is much larger then it looks. I should have put something in the picture with it to show you.

Here it is half way cut up. You can kind of see how much it is by the opened news paper it is on. I got five quarts of frozen and two quarts we ate from that one head. And It’s not the biggest one out there.

This weekend you can find me either in the garden or kitchen like at this time every year. I hope you are having a great weekend whether or not it is Labor Day for you.

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