Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Volunteerism:

I have volunteered a lot in my life. Time and money, help and information. Anything that helps other you don’t personally know is volunteering. And that makes the planet a better place.

I have started to make some things for my local VA Hospital. The one that is closest to my place is in Wilkes-Barre PA.

I’m not pro or anti military. I feel it is an individual’s choice. The world as a whole needs more peace but as it is not a peaceful planet. Defense is necessary.

What I saw was a need and I chose to help. There are beg-a-thons a plenty out there and you can choose to put your money or time where you feel is best. I was looking for something that didn’t hit the popularity radar in my area. Unfortunately around here people seem to feel the military should take care of it’s own. Out of sight, out of mind.

My commitment is to knit or sew something for them, at least one a month. Lap robe’s, wheel chair/ walker tote bags, socks, hats, and mittens for winter. I went on a Tuesday. The room was set up for Bingo. I saw faces looking to be unforgotten.

Over my years of employment I have had more then a few jobs. In my late twenties when I was back in school to further my education I worked in three nursing homes over those years as a nurses aid. So recently looking in at the veterans there at the VA I could see the need.

Need is everywhere. Every organization, group, or individual could use a little help in something at one time or another. All you need do is open your eyes. The trouble is in finding the fit. In narrowing down the areas you are going to place your time and/or money. I’ve gotten help when I’ve needed it so I turn and help others in return.

If I’m going to sit and knit/craft/sew to avoid the refrigerator anyway. Why not make something for others at least once a month? It also reduces clutter at my house because I really don’t need another shawl or say, pair of socks.

I give a gift to the world at large when I volunteer. Little or big. It all helps make the planet a better place. And who can’t get behind that? If you volunteer already, I applaud you. If not, maybe you should look around for some way to give back. But if you have ever felt good when someone you didn’t know remembered you with a gift of their time or help. Make time to remember someone else. Volunteer.

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