Sunday, August 10, 2008

On What’s Up in August:

First: I didn’t post this on time because we were having a bad thunderstorm here. Sorry about that but you can't do anything about the weather.

I will show you how far I have gotten on my lady sweater to date.

I haven’t been working on my knitting as much as I had been. My writing is taking up so much more of my time. The writing itself is going very good thou. And with Halloween coming I’m working on a few pieces for that also.

Good, bad news: My niece had her baby a month and a half early by emergency C-section. The baby is doing good for a three pound one ounce, sixteen inch very little man. He is breathing on his own.

Our dog, Lady Long, hurt her front leg and is needing to be carried around until it heals. She of course loves all this attention. I’m getting tired of doing the carrying.

My daughter is coming for a visit again today before going back to where she lives and she is going back to school.

Mountain Man is moping around the house because of the rain. He is wearing the socks I knitted last month and didn’t get around to show you. Mostly because he didn’t want to model them. As you can see he has his feet up on a box turned into doggy steps so the ladies can get up on the window seat. I got this picture last night when he was on the computer.

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