Saturday, August 23, 2008

On Homework Disruptions:

Even though we didn’t have writing class we did have homework. And Thou I’ve been faithful in this homework stuff, this one doesn’t work for me.

We are to keep a pad of paper and a pen next to the bed and write down our dreams first thing while we can still remember them. Aside from the fact I am an older person with a weak bladder. (Do not get in my way when I get up and head to the bathroom or you will be run over.)

I have carefully placed rituals of morning to start my day with. This is for efficiency and maximizing my time. I get up, do my morning bathroom stuff, take my pills and slowly wake up for this thirty minutes emptying my mind before I hit the floor and do my Yoga for an hour. This is followed by a breakfast at the computer to blog and emails. Followed by a shower and changing my clothes to start my daily chores and after lunch I sit down to write for a few hours while listening for the canning pot to finish each batch and being doorman for the dogs.

I can think out side of the box. I know that the exercise is to get us to think about creating 24/7. That ‘Any time is a good time to be creative.’ stuff. And I have paper and pen at my bedside for ideas that come in the dark of night. I have written whole chapters in the dark in large child like printing so I could read it when the light of morning came. Some nights I couldn’t sleep because of an idea I didn’t want to loose. And I’ve utilized a few dreams as I’ve gone through the years also.

But doing this homework is disrupting my day. I didn’t get to do my yoga this morning and will have to fit it into some other part of my busy day and a shower afterwards too. And I don’t have that fresh energy to start my day with that I get from starting my day with exercise. I’m dragging already.

I’m not the only person living here and can’t just change the schedule at will. And if I had a job outside the house my employer wouldn’t find it fun to change things around for my homework so I’m not even going to ask Mountain Man to accommodate me.

So from now on I’ll jot a note for myself down after I get out of the bathroom and try to remember what it means in the afternoon. My Yoga is too important to me and the homework will have to accommodate it. I Have a faulty memory and will probably not remember one more dream this week but a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

Do I tell you this dream I had last night?…..

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Judith said...

Oh, good grief! Yes, it seems as though this exercise is best fulfilled on your own schedule rather than on something imposed by an instructor who is used to dealing with people whose creativity hasn't been nudged out of the box.

I have absolutely wild dreams sometimes, by the way. They are often story-like, as if I were editing bits and pieces in the midst of them to make a more cohesive plot line. This morning's dream was like something from an opera -- a little intrigue, a bit of melodrama, and a romantic finale -- and yet it could have been one of those old Gidget movies. It had to do with enticing a young man's attention (in the dream I was a young woman) as well as endearing myself to his parents. The operatic part was the long gowns we all seemed to be wearing. I think we all were just shy of singing our lines. *sigh* These are often retold to my husband so that he can get a good laugh.