Saturday, August 16, 2008

On Summer:

It may not be over on the calendar but Summer is getting old. The leaves have lost that vibrant color and they sound different in the breeze. They tap and clack instead of the hush and swish of a few weeks ago.

The sun’s slant makes it come into the windows again. Shadows are getting longer in the middle of the day. And it has another quality I can’t describe other then to say it feels like a school sun.

The crops are coming in. The veggie goodness is coming to a peek. We eat from the garden for more of our meals.

School buses are showing up on the roads. Children have that back to school look to them in stores and on the streets. The volume of their play has changed.

The nights have gotten a bit cooler and sleeping is easier. The fireflies are gone and the katydids are starting to sing.

Labor Day is coming and summer spots are getting ready for the big push before they close for the season.

I won’t miss the hot days or the bug bites. I’ll be free to walk in the woods without panting from the humidity. Outdoor work will get easier again without the sun baking my back and brain.

What I will miss is the people. Visiting while vacationing or just stopping by. Bringing the kids to fish in the pond, picking berries and watching wildlife.

But there is so much left to do before the Summer is done. So I’m off to have some fun. See you tomorrow.

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