Monday, August 11, 2008

On House of Cards:

We all do it every day. We make plans expecting to accomplish things, getting from one place to another, or just plain relax. And then something happens. The day is shot, you’re sent off track,

You Have Been Detoured into the land of Playing Card Houses.

One thing happens, and it can be a small thing, and everything to follow tumbles to the ground. Some times you can fairly easily find your way back with only a small delay. Shore things up, even bubblegum and rubber bands can work as a temporary solution at times. And then there are the bigger ones. The ones that cause a major reconstruction or cause a series of collapses that string the troubles out to a greater extent.

We are having car troubles. It’s a ‘one thing after another’ type of thing. Mountain Man is in the ‘fix it one at a time and eventually it will be whole again’ approach and I am of the ‘time to scrap it and move on’ variety.

It has been over a month since we have had a reliable car. More of this time then not it has been in the shop. Mountain Man is a complete home body and does not mind being stuck here. I am not. I like to know that I can jump in the car and get that needed toilet paper or some such thing.

Now things are making a turn. Because of the inability to get out to shop other things are starting to fall apart. The lack of a screw here, a nail there, a do-hicky, thing-a-ma-bob, and a whats-its are all making my life harder then it should be.

I feel the house crumpling down around me. (Okay, that last statement was not literal.) But… How far will this all go? And how does one get ones spouse to change direction and to ones own point of view?

Maybe I’m in panic mode only because at times in the past he has used a car up to the bitter end leaving us car-less and in a borrowed car to look for another. I’m getting too old for this again. It’s in the cards Mountain Man. We need a new used car.

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