Monday, August 4, 2008

On Epitaph Sharing:

First off I’d like to thank Cemetery Searcher for this weeks Epitaph of the Week. You can find it on the left hand column of the screen under the blank headstone.

I was glad that it was a good one as no one else has sent in an entry.

I don’t know about you but growing up, with out my bidding, we made up these things. A school essay on the subject. A getting to know you segment at a gathering of a new group of people. We were asked to write our epitaphs.

I didn’t think I was asking something so difficult or distasteful. It was all meant in fun you know. I’ve even changed the headstone picture as the weeks went by to help spark interest.

Do I have to start putting things up like the old stand by: Epitaph of an Atheist - All dressed up and nowhere to go? Groan.

Death doesn’t have to be a dark and depressing subject all the time. We will all do it someday. So why not lighten up about it?

I know there are closet poets out there just wanting to give it a try. It’s that or have to deal with my bad poetry for the duration. I felt the rules were simple and straight forward. You can find them again below.

So I will appeal again to you my dear readers to Please send in your epitaphs to the comment link at the bottom of this days blog or email me at or by clicking on the headstone. How easy is that?

Here are the rules for writing your own headstone epitaphs and having them shown here.

1. No more then 8 lines, but the shorter the better.
2. It does not have to rhyme.
3. Just words. No pictures, cartoons etc.
4. Nothing ‘overtly’ sexual, violent, disgusting, or racist will be considered. (That means nothing over the top. I do not want to loose my blog privileges just to post a joke. No matter how funny.)
5. Leave a name of who sent it. (It doesn’t have to be your real name.) But it will be attributed to that name. No name no entry.
6. If the words are not your own. Add the original authors name if you know it. Otherwise just add ‘Anonymous’ and add ‘Sent in by’ and your name after that.
7. Spelling counts. Please proof read it before you hit the send button.

The ones I like best will get a posting in the ‘Epitaph Spot of the Week’ on this blog. Along with a link to your blog or web site if you have one to submit.

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BlackCrow said...

I've been meaning to post something but time just got away from me....Spike Milligans Headstone is my favourite..."I told you I was ill"
As for my own I'll have to have a little think.