Sunday, August 17, 2008

On Simulated Holidays:

Yesterday I posted about how I had sat at home for the most part and the summer was almost over and how I was finally getting myself in gear and going on a day trip vacation.

Well we did the big ‘hurry up and stop.’ We rushed around collecting our things jumped in the car and nothing happened. The battery was dead. A short somewhere drained the battery over night.

I will not get into the car issue. You can go back and read about the car saga if you like. But I was tired of not having a working car for most of the summer.

Mountain Man did his thing and I went Simulating. That is to say I headed for my computer and loaded ‘The Sims.’ First ‘Sim’s One’ then ‘Sim’s Two.’ I have them all. They helped me get through all the down time hours of my cancer without going crazy.

I hadn’t been playing the game for well over a month. Summer is a busy time around here as it is and I have been using my down time to write.

The familiar music came on and I was away. Away from cars that need way too much care. Away from canning veggies and fruits. Away from exercise and diets. Away from my life. Away from home.

For those of you who don’t do ‘The Sims’ I can’t explain it here. It is a different world I can go to and come back loving my life of realities.

I visited old friend and made some new ones. I built houses and expanded neighborhoods. I played with ghosts and vampires, werewolves and charlatans, aliens, Bigfoot and the indomitable Mrs. Crumplebottom. I birthed babies and business’. I burned down houses with my pet dragon, cast spells, and played with garden fairies. I did it all until the day grew dark and my eyes were strained and bloodshot.

No, I’m not getting addicted to video games. Yes, I know it’s not good to escape my life into a computer game. It was the better choice then calling out Mountain Man and having tiffs all day about things I can’t do anything about.

Will I play today? No, I’ve had enough for awhile. But while I was ‘there’ I did have fun instead of letting my whole day be shot because of a car that wants to die and Mountain Man won’t let it.

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Judith said...

I like playing games, too, although I stopped playing The Sims because they had better houses than I did. Plus, they could afford a cleaning lady for a mere $10 per day.

My vices are online sudoku and various word games. I play them to relax and unwind after crazy days. Embrace the escape. :)