Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Reflections of Beauty:

Yesterday was my cancer group meeting. We usually just go around the circle of people and talk about how we are coping with our post or current cancer selves. This one has had a new pre-cancer removed in the last week. That one is new to this type of cancer. The other is still trying to get every good moment out of life they can.

But yesterday we had a beauty day. The American Cancer Society came and taught wig care and gave us makeup kits with a complete make over inside.

It was a nice change of pace. I like getting things. Who doesn’t? I didn’t do the makeover there (Not everyone did.) but brought my goody bag home. I was surprised at the amount and quality of the products. The companies that donated the makeup were across the board and I thank them.

The guys of the group got to make jokes to fill their time while the ladies got all pretty and some of the group had their picture taken for the local news paper. (No, don’t bother to look for Lady Euphoria I was not in them.)

It did get me to thinking about beauty as a concept with my cancer group. I think of all the people in my cancer group as beautiful spouses included. I’ve seen some of them twisted in pain and in some really tough mental anguish. Some scars are more out in public view and other are not but we all have them. And these people have never so much as dulled in the glow of their inner beauty. They have a strength of soul that comes through when body, mind or both are in a weakened state. I love them all.

In that place of the cancer group we are all deathwatchers. This is a different kind of deathwatch then my cemetery walks or ghost stories. We walk with the stain of death on our shoulders. We have touched cancer and experienced the change it carves into our bodies and lives.

We are beautiful.

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