Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Leaking Nothingness:

Today when I sat down at the computer after my yoga workout I didn’t have a firm idea about what I was going to write about. This doesn’t happen to me often. The blank head.

Usually I’m a buzz of thoughts and ideas. One part of my brain is working on writing a story and another is planning a shopping trip. All the while I’m crafting or doing dishes.

Even now as I’m typing, I’m also singing along with Alanis Morissette and bopping in my desk chair.

Not that I can’t empty my head. I do meditate on a regular bases. I also do the eraser board wipe off of my thoughts when they get too cluttered. A regular restart and move on.

I woke up with a few stories playing out in my head. But unlike other days I didn’t take notes right away so I wouldn’t loose them. Of course I did. Lost every one of them to be exact. So in being empty headed at the beginning of my day I quietly moved into my yoga.

I sat down ready to dazzle you with my insights and information, (Ha Ha!) and nothing was there. No projects to show. No silly stuff happening in the house with the dogs or Mountain Man. In fact they slept in and didn’t wake until I was half way through this.

It’s not writers block, it’s writers blank. When I’m blocked I’m in a tangle. I am having a hard time getting through a sticky bit of writing and can’t put it down to think about anything else.

Finding myself at the bottom of the page with nothing to say is not new to me. I do that all the time. I’m just not used to being there at the top. Tapped out until tomorrow I guess.

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