Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Aug 13 th Fun Day:

Today is the Annual Meeting of the Socks in Sandals Convention.

We at the Socks in Sandals Society have been working all year to unveil our new plan to help others enjoy the beauty of our fashion statement.

We have come up with a three step plan to indoctrinate the barefooted sandal wearers into our numbers.

This will take the industrious of our ranks to take up their knitting needles and complete a set of training socks.

The first level starts the wearer off with Sock Bands.

After a few days to a few weeks the next stage is the Demi Socklet.

Then the progression is to the Semi Sock.

From there it is only a short step to the full Socks in Sandals experience.

The beauty of the project is that most any sock pattern can be employed. Little yarn is needed to get started. And for a beginning knitter it is a very good practice project to get started with sock knitting when you are new to the craft. Just think of the gifts that can be made to all those who are sock impaired. What better gift to place in a Christmas stocking then a set of training socks.

By next summer people around the world should be converted to the Socks in Sandals fashion and geeks everywhere will rejoice.

Next month on the Thirteenth: Identify a Fart Day!


BlackCrow said...

This is what you wear under your Victorian dress? hmmmm I'm not sold on the idea...although the black polish on the toes are good, you'll get a tick from me for that!!
Spikes epitath reads well there on the side:)

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

No, I don't wear them in fact they were a borrow. I was just having fun with knitting strange socks one day as an idea for some fun.

Those are my short size 5 1/ 2 wide 'Boys' Hobbity feet. I don't own any girly sandals. Foot wear is hard for me. I mostly wear Black boots, Black boys lug sole shoes or clogs. I have one pair of women's tie up pointy toed boots in a wide size, but I don't wear them often because of the pain.

Silliness comes in all sizes so it is easier to fit.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria