Friday, August 8, 2008

On Forth Writing Class:

I am trying to narrow down a piece to have published but each new assignment I write sends me in a new direction. At first it looked like I was going to try to get something in a local newspaper for Halloween. Now it looks like I will be trying to get one of my breast cancer pieces in a magazine instead.

I’m so confused. Apparently I’m good at what writing I have done to date for this class and I should reach higher then I was trying to when I started the workshop. I was only taking the class to improve what I write for myself. I really didn’t care about the publishing of a small piece for the end of the class requirement. (Like a Letter to the Editor.)

I’m still afraid I’m a medium fish in a small pond and there are much bigger fish in the wide world out there ready to eat me alive. Not that I need to be the biggest fish in whatever pond I am in. The writing of my stories has always been something I did for myself alone.

The other reason is I have no need to see my name in print. I had and still have every intention of using a pen name. You are not going to see my face on a book jacket any time soon. I grew up with a spot light jumper in the family and I’m revolted by the thought I could ever become famous, recognized, or in the spotlight myself.

Yes, I did jump in with both feet when I decided to take this class. I purchased Writing Magazines and the latest Writers Market 2009 once it looked like, to quote my teacher, “Your stuff it too good for any local newspaper. You need to try for a national woman’s magazine. Start at the top and work your way down until one of them publishes your work, and one of them will I‘m certain.”

So, now it seems I’ve got my work cut out for me. It’s in my stars to be a writer. Who knew? I’ll let you know how it goes. Today I start to reach high while holding on to my low expectations. I’ve had too much rejection in my life to let go of them yet.


BlackCrow said...
I thought you may be interested in visiting this site. It's Tasmanian living Writers Week.
For such a small island we have a lot of writers living here, lots of literary events and book stores.
My younger brother used to write poetry and stories until he started writing statistical analysis, it's ruining his creativity! Currently he is going to uni where he is finishing his Masters Degree in Parapsychology.
A few years before he wrote and produced a play, I was so proud of him at the opening performance, I would love to see him get involved with his writing again.
Maybe I'll get him to write an epitaph?

awalls said...

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