Monday, August 18, 2008

On Projects Mid August:

I finished the lap robe I was making for the VA Hospital this month. It measures 28 X 28 inches or 70 X 70 cm. It’s made out of six 2.5 oz. or 70 g. balls of Super Bulky (6) Yarn. I used Lion Brand Yarn’s, Lion Boucle’ Yarn. It’s a 79% Acrylic 20% Mohair 1% Nylon mix. And I couldn’t resist the picture of it all rumpled only because the name of the color is Taffy and it looked more like a pile of taffy candy that way. Oh, and it was knitted up on the size 12 needles I made for myself a few months ago. It is just straight garter stitch so it is reversible. The colors do the rest. It’s 75 stitches across and I have to admit I didn’t count the rows.

It is time to get back to the casket basket. Being one of those projects that requires a litter clean up every time you stop working on it, I put it in a box and ignored it for a while. I’ve said before that I have trouble with my hands hurting me if I do any project for too long at a stretch and I go from one thing to the next and back again repeatedly thru out the day. Well cleaning up pine needles ten times a day took some of the fun out of the project.

I do want to see the project finished on a lot of levels. I want to see if I can do it. I need to bury the dog in something when she dies and she is not getting younger. I like making a basket this way but my trouble is it is such a large project. So it is back on the top five ‘to do list.’ (See Lady Euphoria on her knees on the floor cleaning up errant pine needles every day.)

The Lady Sweater is coming along despite the lap robe being made along with it for the last week and a half. Which of course used up some of my knitting time each day. I’m working on the sleeves at this point. I didn’t finish off the body only because I’m not sure if I can get another repeat out of the yarn I have. So it will have to wait until the arms are done.

Now that the lap robe is done I’m hoping to see more progress on the sweater. The days are getting a nip in the air in early the mornings and I can’t wait to sport my new sweater in the cemetery on my walks there this autumn.

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Judith said...

Lovely knitting! I especially like the Lady Sweater! Big hugs and good knitting to you!