Saturday, August 30, 2008

On So Much to Read, So Little Time:

After talking about Edgar Allan Poe yesterday I got to thinking that I haven’t updated you on my reading for a while. This is mostly because I have been reading for my writing class.

Magazines and periodicals from cover to cover. Things like The Writer, Writer’s Journal, Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Market and the like. Then there are all the magazines I’ve been reading to find out if my writing style and interests would fit if I wanted to try to submit an article.

On the book front I finished ‘Ring World‘ by Larry Niven a good sci-fi I can see more men liking it then women though but don‘t let that stop you. I read ‘Knit Aid’ by Vickie Howell which is a fun read even if you are not having knitting troubles, ‘The Tiger Rising‘ by Kate DiCamillo which is a kids book my daughter gave me. And I started Real Vampires Have Curves by Gerry Bartlett, I am also still working my way through ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls.’

This is on top of my reading regular blogs that I like, my regular magazine reading and just articles of interest on the web. Then there is my writing at least two thousand words a day then editing the previous days writings. I won’t even get into my reading of catalogs, patterns and poems or the things I re-read yearly also.

I like to read. What can I say? If you are reading me you probably like to read too. I hope to have more reading of interest in the future.

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